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Port of Burnie

Current Phase


TasPorts would like to advise that an investigative drilling program will be undertaken at the Port of Burnie, as we look towards further investment at the port. The program is expected to commence on Monday 20 February 2023, and will take approximately 12 weeks to complete.

The results of this program will confirm the underlaying geological conditions within the port zone. This will lay the foundation for the delivery of TasPorts' vision for the Port of Burnie as per our Burnie Gateway initiative.

The data from the samples will be analysed so that informed planning for a capital dredging program can be undertaken.

These works, while incorporating large machinery, are unlikely to have any noticeable audible noise or other impacts on the community.

The Burnie Gateway initiative forms a key element of TasPorts' 2018 Port Master Plan. Through the provision of essential port infrastructure, this initiative will enable exponential growth in exports to global markets over a 30-year horizon, bringing significant trade and economic benefits to Tasmania.

Marine-based drilling operations

Marine-based drilling operations will be conducted by our contractor, BridgePro, from a barge that transits across port waters.

Land-based drilling operations

Immediately following the marine-based program, four weeks of land-based drilling is scheduled to commence. This land-based program will be performed by our contractors, GHD, and consist of numerous drills across the port zone.

What is geotechnical drilling?

Geotechnical drilling is used to analyse a site. The process involves collecting rock and soil samples at representative levels, with drilling and core samples used to create a soil profile for the site. The profile helps to explore soil conditions, and determine the integrity of a site.

The geotechnical drilling program at the Port of Burnie will use two types of drilling; marine-based and land-based.


For all general enquiries regarding this project, please contact the Project Manager via 1300 366 742 or email reception@tasports.com.au

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