TasPorts wants to leave a positive legacy for residents and businesses of Devonport, especially those living in close proximity to the port.

We will keep the local community and businesses updated throughout the project about what works are taking place and when.

QuayLink will improve the visual appearance of the port, how it functions and how it is accessed. With new entry and exit roads, landscaping and streetscaping the area will improve traffic flow and provide a new lease of life for residents of East Devonport.

Whilst the project will bring many local benefits, there will be disruption during the peak of construction.

Our aim is reduce impact to the community as much as possible during this project.

We will be engaging with the businesses, residents, community groups and schools as we develop the plans for rejuvenation of the port seeking feedback along the way.

Some of the elements we are looking to deliver include:

  • improving the visual appearance of the port, how it functions and how it is accessed
  • creating new entry and exit points to the port from Wright Street
  • improving the look of the port with landscaping and streetscaping
  • delivering enhanced visual barriers and innovative and sustainable design and construction solutions
  • boosting the local economy, with our procurement commitment for local goods, services and workers
  • working with local businesses, the school and community groups to build capacity for activity in East Devonport

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