Giant cranes, trucks and long reach excavators

There’s nothing like a construction site to view some of the best cranes and excavators around. Here’s some of the equipment on site.

Construction barge and backhoe excavator

A self-propelled 34m x 11m construction barge with 17m spud pipe anchor system. Barge equipped with Hitachi ZX330LC excavator with 22m reach and Topcon 3D GPS computerised digging system and onboard spoil hopper with capacity of 140m3. This equipment is dredging the soft alluvial material from the berth pocket down to a depth of 9.7m below LAT (low tide).

150T long reach excavator

A 150T long reach excavator with 28m maximum reach equipped with 3D GPS dig control system, 2.5T hydraulic breaker, rock ripper attachment and 2.5m3 digging bucket. This equipment is dredging the hard material (rock) from the southern section of the berth pocket as a land-based operation.

49T long reach excavator

A 49T long reach excavator with a 24m maximum reach equipped with 3D GPS dig control system. This excavator will be used to unload the dredging barge, perform land-based slope profiling and construct the revetment for the reclamation.

3 x 30T dump trucks

3 x 30T dump trucks – used to transport dredge spoil from the barge unloading area on the existing 3E wharf and the 150T land-based excavator.

275T crawler crane

275T crawler crane - currently being mobilised. This crane will be the primary land-based crane to be used in the construction of the new wharf. It will lift the 8 tonne rock bags into position.