Simulation testing for berth protection

Simulation testing for the Spirit of Tasmania’s new berth at QuayLink is in full gear as Nick Van Amstel, QuayLink’s Engineering Manager visited the UNSW Water Research Laboratory with our contractors, Hazell Brady Joint Venture.

The focus at the laboratory is to undertake physical model testing of the planned rock bag scour protection to be installed at Berth 3 East in Devonport.

The laboratory place rocks into mesh bags, to create a rock bag scour, as a method to help protect the berth and adjacent embankments. At this stage, it is estimated approximately 1900 of the 8 Tonne rock bags will be used on the outer berth wall at Berth 3 East.

During his visit, Nick viewed the 1:20 scale model set up tank the Water Research Laboratory has created to simulate the exposure of the proposed protection to bow thruster and main engine propulsion from TT Line’s next generation ferry. This model will also assist to prove and refine the design.