Building a port for future generations

QuayLink gives reference to the long-term history of port operations in Devonport since the 1800's and the critical future role that the port provides as a linkage between Tasmania and the mainland.

A significant investment for Devonport

QuayLink is a $240 million investment to upgrade the East Devonport port infrastructure and to future-proof Devonport as a tourism gateway for the next 50 years.

Growing our tourism and trade activity

With new vessels being commissioned to arrive 2024/2025, Devonport's freight capacity will increase by 40% with an additional 160,000 passengers visiting Devonport every year.

Thousands of job opportunities

QuayLink is good for Devonport with nearly 2000 jobs to be generated during the peak construction phase. The works will commence in 2022 with completion scheduled for 2027-28.

$240 million

new jobs

additional passengers

Indicative Timeline

2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027
Terminal 2: Early Works
Terminal 3: Marine and Landside Works
Terminal 2: Marine and Landside Works
Terminal 1: Marine and Landside Remediation

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