Future ships on display in Devonport

The ships of the future, as designed by the students at East Devonport Primary School, are now on display at the boundary of QuayLink construction site at the Port of Devonport.

In 2022, TasPorts and East Devonport Primary School entered a partnership to inspire the students to be the port workers of the future.

More than a dozen TasPorts staff gave presentations about what their jobs entailed – from engineering to marine and landside operations, marine pilotage and leadership, communications and navigation, safety and environmental monitoring.

The children learnt a lot about the Port of Devonport and who works there and what they do. They learned about cargo and what is in the containers, they also learned about the marine environment and clean energy.

TasPorts were so impressed with these artworks they decided to make it into an interesting sign that showcases the children’s artworks whilst informing the public about the QuayLink project.