How does a pilot make a transfer?

QuayLink's engagement program with East Devonport Primary School enters its third year, inspiring the port workers of tomorrow.

SuperIntendent of Marine Operations demonstrates how a Pilot makes a transfer.

The project team at QuayLink continue to engage with students at East Devonport Primary School to share their knowledge and experience of working at TasPorts, inspiring the next generation of port workers. In addition to class excursions to the Julie Burgess and the Devonport Airport, more than 200 students now know:

  • how a pilot makes a transfer;
  • why navigational aids are important in shipping channels;
  • what rock types are under the Mersey River; and
  • why we use underwater drones to scan our ports.

TasPorts looks forward to another year engaging with East Devonport Primary students and teachers.

Manager of Safety and Learning explains why navigational charts are important in shipping channels
Our 2nd year electrical apprentice explains how an underwater drone works and why we need to see under our ports.
Our carpenter inspires the children to think about fixing and building things around the port.
Hazell Brady's engineer inspires the students to learn about different rock types under the river.