TasPorts Community Grant supports Julie Burgess Tall Ship with new liferaft

TasPorts is proud to announce the successful completion of a Community Grant project for the Julie Burgess Tall Ship, which enabled the purchase of a new liferaft essential for the ship’s ongoing operations and safety compliance.


08 July 2024

During the ship’s 2023 survey, a critical need arose when one of the ship’s liferafts were deemed unserviceable due to floor deterioration. Vice President Lynn Laycock of the Julie Burgess explained, “At that time, it was determined that the raft was no longer serviceable due to deterioration of the floor. As a result, the liferaft was condemned, and immediate replacement was necessary to maintain the ship’s registration and ensure it passed the survey.”

Seven dedicated volunteers from the Julie Burgess team participated in the acquisition and reinstallation of the new liferaft. The newly installed liferaft, with an expected serviceable life of 20 years, ensures the vessel meets all safety standards and continues its operations without interruption.

The grant from TasPorts was crucial as this unforeseen expense had not been budgeted. Vice President Laycock noted, “Receipt of the grant funds from TasPorts meant that the association was able to meet the expense without a significant negative impact on the Association’s operating budget.”

Thanks to this timely support, the Julie Burgess was able to pass the survey and continue operating as a commercial vessel.

The Julie Burgess, a vessel of significant maritime heritage, provides valuable experiences to various community organisations and the general public through its tours operated from the Port of Devonport. The ship operates in the best traditions of the sea, preserving the heritage provenance of this iconic vessel.

TasPorts is proud to support the Julie Burgess Tall Ship, ensuring it remains a vital part of Australia’s maritime heritage and continues to offer enriching experiences to the community. This grant underscores TasPorts’ commitment to social responsibility and preserving Tasmania's maritime legacy.

For more information about the Julie Burgess Tall Ship and its tours, please visit the Julie Burgess Website.

Applications for the next round of the TasPorts Community Grant Program open on 1 August 2024.