Bell Bay No. 6 Berth

Berth Information

Length of Wharf


Height Of Deck Above Datum:


Depth Alongside

Refer to Harbour Master Instructions

Marshalling Area:

East: 1.8ha; West: 1.5ha Total of 3.3ha or 3.8ha. Including wharf decks

Mooring Dolphin:

3 x 50t QR Hooks, 1 x 100t Bollard.

Stern Mooring Bollards:

50 tonne x 2.

Wharf Bollards-W To E:

(a) 50 tonne x 1 at 15m centres.
(b) 50 tonne x 8 at 18m centres.
(c) 50 tonne x 9 at 19.6m centres.
(d) 50 tonne x 2 at 36m centres and 50 tonne x 2 at 52.5 centres along rear face of wharf.
(e) 100 tonne x 2 at rear corners of wharf.