Tasmania is a popular destination for cruise ship passengers and their crew, with the Tasmanian economy benefiting significantly from cruise ship visits through the state’s ports.

TasPorts has responded to growing demand by the cruise industry by upgrading infrastructure and services, investing over $10 million since 2013 in cruise terminal development, mooring infrastructure, fenders, and gangway systems.

TasPorts’ ongoing investment in port infrastructure upgrades is in direct response to cruise industry demands and is driving the state-wide capacity for larger cruise vessels.


In response to COVID-19, the Tasmanian Government temporarily suspended cruise ship operations in Tasmanian waters on 15 March 2020.

Additionally, on 27 March 2020 the Australian Government announced a ban prohibiting cruise vessels capable of carrying more than 100 passengers from operating in Australian waters.

The restriction, which is enforced under the Biosecurity Act 2015, has been extended several times. It is currently due to expire on 17 February 2022.

The Australian Government continues to work closely with state and territory agencies, national health committees and the cruise industry to develop a framework for the staged resumption of cruise ships in a manner that is proportionate to the public health risk.

In addition, TasPorts is continuing to work closely with the cruise sector during this incredibly challenging period. However, until there is further clarity on the future of the cruise industry internationally, nationally and locally, there is a high level of uncertainty around forward cruise ship bookings.

As permitted by the Australian Government, a small (<100) domestic expedition line has been provided with State Government approval to operate in Tasmanian waters between January to March 2022.

The line will employ an approved 'SailSafe plan' throughout its season, with numerous mitigation measures in place for COVID-19.

On this basis, TasPorts has temporarily removed the cruise shipping schedule from its website until such time as there is more certainty around future cruise ship operations, both nationally and globally.

For cruise ship schedule specific enquiries, please email