Tenant Information

TasPorts owns and maintains diverse landholdings across its multi-port system, including its community ports.

As part of its portfolio, the company manages more than 320 tenancies across Tasmania, which includes property, marina berthing, casual storage and car parking.

This page contains important information on TasPorts Policies, Site Rules and Procedures for all TasPorts tenants.

For more information on TasPorts properties, please contact our Property Team:

1300 366 742 or property@tasports.com.au

Security Information

TasPorts operate a 24/7 Security Operations Centre which is responsible for monitoring and managing security-related activities state-wide.

TasPorts asks that Tenants familiarise themselves with TasPorts Security Procedures.

For all security regulated ports, Port Users must hold a TasPorts’ Maritime Security Identification Card printed on a TasPorts’ access card.

For non-security regulated ports, all port users are required to hold a Site Access Pass.

To determine if you require an MSIC and/or Site Access Pass, please speak with your TasPorts contact.

You may then complete the online MSIC Access and Induction application.

Any queries regarding security or other port matters can be directed to 1300 366 742.

Safety Information

Safety is a priority for TasPorts and its tenants.

All work carried out on behalf of TasPorts is governed by relevant Work Health and Safety, Environmental Legislation and TasPorts’ Safety Management System.

Any employees, sub-contractors or other persons operating under the direction of the company must be aware of all TasPorts requirements, including Health, Safety and Environment Site Rules, as well as Security protocols.

These rules are to be adhered to at all times when carrying out work for TasPorts.

TasPorts asks that Tenants familiarise themselves with TasPorts Policies, Site Rules and Procedures.

These are available for download below.

TasPorts Permit to Work

TasPorts requires all employees and contractors to submit relevant work permits prior to undertaking any non-routine and high risk work activities on owned and managed land.

TasPorts Permits are available for download below.

Completed permits should be returned to your relevant TasPorts contact.