Meet the Fleet

TasPorts' Hobart-based fleet consists of two pilot launches, two tugs, as well as a barge and workboats capable of undertaking a variety of tasks in the movement of personnel and equipment.

Hobart is one of four major ports located around Tasmania where TasPorts provides pilotage and harbour towage services.

The tugs and pilot launches are often seen alongside larger vessels transiting the Tasman Bridge.

For more detailed information about vessel specifications, visit our TasPorts Fleet Page.

Mount Florance & Yandeyarra

Named after towns in the Pilbara region where they started their careers, the Mount Florance and her sister Yandeyarra now call Hobart their home port

The pair are newer generation Z Tec designs, developed in response to market demand for a versatile tug able to conduct a wide range of major port operations.

Since joining TasPorts in 2017 and 2018 respectively, the Mount Florance and the Yandeyarra have become an iconic sight when plying their trade on the Derwent, as well when berthed next to the stunning MAC 1 hotel

With a bollard pull of 65 tonnes and a service speed of 12.6 knots the sisters conduct the majority towage tasks within the port, including assisting vessels to safely transit the Tasman Bridge.

Vessel Specs


Pilot launch Kelly allows for the fast, reliable and safe transfers of marine pilots in challenging weather conditions 365 days a year.

The state-of-the-art vessel was built in 2017, has a top speed of 32 knots, self-rights if capsized and features an infrared camera which can pick up heat at night in a ‘man overboard’ situation.

The Kelly is a French design, built by Australian company Hart Marine.

She is named after the explorer and seafarer Captain James Kelly who circumnavigated Van Diemen’s Land in a whale-boat and is credited with discovering Port Davey and Macquarie Harbour.

Vessel Specs


Hobart's second pilot launch Paringa is an important member of the fleet, given the variety and amount of pilotage services utilised at the port.

Paringa is 12.9m in length with a draught of 1.14m and a service speed of 18 knots.

Built in 1996 and re-powered in 2016, she completes pilot transfers throughout the port of Hobart and provides fleet redundancy throughout the busy cruise season.

Vessel Specs