Berth 4 West Fender Replacement Project


Port of Devonport

Time frame

February - June 2024

Current Phase

In progress

TasPorts is delivering a project at the Port of Devonport to install new fenders on Berth 4 West. These works will see the replacement of existing fender infrastructure with a fit-for-purpose solution to enhance the level of service for customers and ensure the ongoing safe provision of berthing for visiting vessels at Berth 4 West.

The project will see the removal of existing timber fenders and installation of 24 new fender piles alongside 12 new rubber fenders.

To support the delivery of this project, TasPorts will be implementing a shutdown period on the berth to enable the efficient completion of the works. TasPorts has been working closely with its valued customers to minimise any operational disruption to trade for the north-west port.

Early works commenced on site in February, with project completion anticipated to occur before the end of the 2023-2024 financial year.

TasPorts would like to thank the cooperation of its customers and is looking forward to the delivery of this project to support the provision of safe berthing at Berth 4 West.

For more information on the Berth 4 West fender replacement project, please contact us via