Additional pilot resources for TasPorts

TasPorts will recruit two new marine pilots to ensure the company can meet its obligations under the deed of agreement with Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) and the shipping requirements of its customers.


01 June 2019

Acting chief executive officer Anthony Donald said TasPorts currently delivered pilotage services on a 24 / 7 basis at all primary ports around the state.

“The company employs 11 pilots to provide this service, ensuring safe shipping navigation around Tasmania,” he said.

“TasPorts will be adding one additional pilot to the roster in the south and one in the north.”

Mr Donald said in addition to meeting its MAST deed obligations and managing shipping movements in the state’s ports, the additional pilot resources would assist manage leave and fatigue issues for the pilot team.

“There is greater diversity in the pilotage services we are delivering given the increase in shipping movements in Tasmania,” he said.