Airport safety front of mind at Devonport

This week TasPorts observed and participated in Airport Safety Week, an initiative of the Australian Airports Association.


20 October 2023

Eleven TasPorts’ team members visited Devonport Airport on Wednesday (18 October) to conduct a Foreign Object Debris walk on the runway.

The walk was part of the annually-celebrated Airport Safety Week (16 to 20 October).

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) poses a significant risk to airport operations, aircraft safety and then environment. FOD refers to any object, substance or debris that is not part of an aircraft or its components and can cause damage or injury when it encounters aircraft during take-off, landing, or taxiing.

The FOD walk at Devonport Airport yesterday yielded various potentially harmful items including screws, nails and stones.

Thank you to all involved for their efforts.

Airport Safety Week allows airport staff (and others) to participate in activities to improve safety for airport employees and contractors.

The safety of airport staff and the communities they serve, as well as the sustainability of the industry and the planet, are the biggest priorities for the Australian Airports Association which manages the week.

As we all know, Devonport Airport is a crucial regional gateway for Tasmania offering regular flights to and from Melbourne and air freight to King Island and Moorabbin.

The TasPorts 2022/23 Annual Report, released this week, tells us that the airport managed 3,796 commercial flights, serving a total of 119,616 passengers, during the financial year.