Azamara Journey cancellation due to protected industrial action

TasPorts confirms the Azamara Journey has cancelled due to the protected industrial action being taken by marine pilots.


28 January 2024

TasPorts confirms the Azamara Journey, scheduled at the Port of Hobart from Friday 2 Feb at 07:30 until Saturday 3 Feb at 20:00 with ~700 passengers and ~400 crew, has cancelled due to the protected industrial action being taken by marine pilots.

TasPorts Chief Executive Officer Anthony Donald said he was deeply disappointed for passengers and Tasmania’s small businesses which benefited from cruise ship stopovers.

“We had enquired if the ship could shorten its port call to depart Friday evening, however, the line has decided to proceed directly to Sydney,” he said.

“This is a terrible blow for Tasmania’s small businesses which are supported by cruise ship passengers and crew during their visits.

“TasPorts has an offer to its pilots where in addition to a 12% salary increase over three years, we have provided the opportunity to retain their existing vehicle conditions for the life of the agreement, in an attempt to prevent this further protected industrial action from happening.

“Despite this offer the Australian Maritime Officers Union (AMOU) notified TasPorts that protected industrial action would be extended to cover Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays commencing at 1200 today, and a ban on conducting any work outside usual rostered hours commencing 0600 tomorrow, except in the case of emergencies.

“While we respect the right for marine pilots to take protected industrial action, we are calling on the Australian Maritime Officers Union (AMOU) to return to the negotiating table and land an agreement that is fair and reasonable so that safe and reliable port operations can continue.”