Community Grant project reaches completion in Geilston Bay

The Geilston Bay Boat Club received funding in late 2023 to enhance its primary jetty.


22 January 2024

TasPorts has been a steadfast supporter of marine-based sports and activities in Tasmania, channelling its commitment through the Community Grant Program.

Since its launch in 2022, the program has provided funding to numerous local sailing and yacht clubs, facilitating training, events, and infrastructure and safety equipment upgrades.

The Geilston Bay Boat Club received funding in late 2023 to enhance its primary jetty.

Completed entirely by volunteers, the project involved the replacement of the deck and wailings, as well as the installation of electrical conduit, safety lighting, ladders, and deck cleats. Over two weeks, club members generously contributed 500 volunteer hours, resulting in the successful completion of the project.

Lori Graff, former Rear Commodore of the Geilston Bay Boat Club, expressed how the collaborative effort strengthened the camaraderie among volunteers, receiving positive feedback from the members.

The grant from TasPorts played a crucial role in purchasing the timber required to renew the deck and wailings. Ms. Graff conveyed the club’s gratitude, stating, “The club is so grateful to be able to renew the deck timber using this TasPorts grant.” The refurbished jetty, utilised by over a thousand boats annually, is now a safer access point.

Emphasising the project’s significance, Ms. Graff stated, “Our jetty is now secure and safe for use by our boaters and approximately 450 boat licensing students annually. We have ensured the future use of this jetty for decades to come!” While the club self-funded the critical work of securing the pilings and bracing of the jetty, Eric De Groot, a club member, dedicated two weeks to supervising the project and leading volunteers.

John Behrens, the Club’s Vice Commodore, commended Eric’s exceptional building skills and leadership in overseeing the project. He highlighted Eric’s ability to instruct volunteers and coordinate day-to-day activities, making it easy for volunteers to understand the requirements and complete the work in a timely manner. Behrens stated, “Without the commitment and skills of Eric, ably assisted by Fred Van Tuil, this project could not have been achieved by Club members.”

Congratulations to the Geilston Bay Boat Club for successfully completing this remarkable project, and special acknowledgment goes to all the volunteers whose contributions made this Community Grant project truly special.

Applications for the next round of the TasPorts Community Grant Program will open on 1 February 2024.