From Intern to Inspiration | TasPorts Intern Director Program

TasPorts is proud to support emerging business leaders and that’s why we’re providing governance experience by way of our Intern Director Program.


11 January 2024

TasPorts’ Intern Director Program offers an aspiring Non-Executive Director the opportunity to be mentored by experienced directors.

We were delighted to engage Laura Jacques in 2023. As an experienced human resources professional, Laura brought to the TasPorts Board additional, contemporary thinking about talent acquisition, workforce development, remuneration and human resource compliance.

Laura is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and says her time with TasPorts has been particularly rewarding.

“I’m so thankful for the mentorship of the Tas Ports Board, I was always made to feel welcome and valued” Laura said.

“I have really enjoyed the opportunity to consolidate my GAICD qualification with some practical Boardroom experience and have gained exposure to a broad range of areas including Asset Management, Finance, Strategy and Infrastructure Developments.”

As part of TasPorts’ initiative to provide governance experience to emerging business leaders, TasPorts established the 12-month internship program in 2017 for aspiring Non-Executive Directors to gain experience in the sector.

Through the program, the Intern Director gains experience in providing strategic direction and effective oversight of management with Chair Stephen Bradford as a mentor, providing one-on-one guidance throughout the duration of the internship.

The program also demonstrates our commitment to the Tasmanian Government’s Women on Boards Strategy.

TasPorts is currently engaged in discussions with potential Intern Directors for the current year.