Industry Day 2022

TasPorts is staging an Industry Day on 1 December 2022 to provide an overview of all its Major Growth Projects in Tasmania.


11 November 2022

TasPorts owns and operates 11 ports and one airport (Devonport) providing import and export opportunities across our Island State. This is TasPorts third Industry Day where we provide a complete overview of all our Major Growth Projects in Tasmania.

Since the release of the TasPorts MasterPlan four years ago, we will deliver a network of fit-for-purpose infrastructure to enable future growth and demand by providing greater capacity and capability at Tasmania’s primary ports.

As these projects progress, TasPorts is inviting applicants to submit a Registration of Interest in an Industry Briefing. At the briefing, TasPorts will provide updates on the status and scopes of upcoming projects, as well as seek feedback from participants regarding market capacity and procurement methodology. This briefing will follow on from TasPorts Industry Day, held in Hobart in 2021, and forms part of an ongoing program of industry engagement in relation to these projects.

TasPorts key growth projects to be presented at the Industry Briefing are as follows:



    TasPorts Renewables Energy Hub initiative at the Port of Bell Bay actively supports the Tasmanian Government’s Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan to meet the State’s renewable energy target of 200% renewables by 2040.

    We are committed to establishing greater capacity and appropriate infrastructure to support and enable multiple hydrogen and wind farm proponents with their future import, export, and logistics needs. Further details about the Project will be provided to Participants as part of the Industry Briefing.

    Burnie Gateway

    The Port of Burnie remains a focal point for expansion in the bulk export sector, with significant growth in forecast volumes and customer demand for larger vessel access. TasPorts is undertaking a major planning study and review of current and future port user infrastructure requirements to ensure the Burnie Port is fit for purpose for the next 30 years of planned growth to enable capacity for larger vessels and the export of additional commodities.

    Over the next 12 months TasPorts will continue due diligence planning and will be undertaking numerous studies both on the land side and marine side to better understand the costs and engineering requirements to expand the port’s future capacity.


    Macquarie Point has been the subject of intense interest. With the announcement of the Antarctic, Science, Entertainment and Sports Precinct, TasPorts continues with finalising a financially viable business base which will see investments in Hobart that will grow the tourism, trade and Antarctic sectors by maintaining a working Port for Hobart and complement the work at Macquarie Point.

    TasPorts is developing two parts to the project, Marineside and Landside. This work will be complemented by the further development of cruise related infrastructure to continue to support the growing sector. Further details about the Project will be provided to participants as part of the Industry Briefing.


    At the Port of Devonport, TasPorts is building the largest piece of wharf infrastructure in 27 years, for the new home for the Spirit of Tasmania followed by extensive expansion of Terminal 2 for SeaRoad.

    QuayLink represents a $240million investment by TasPorts, and the total amount of investment in the Port and associated infrastructure and vessels is close to $1 Billion.

    QuayLink is building a port for future generations.

    The development at Devonport will be significant and multifaceted, involving:

    • dredging and reclamation;

    • landside civil works;

    • wharf and marine infrastructure development;

    • installation of utility services; and

    • maritime instrumentation and port services.

    Works have started with Package 3.1 which is the dredge and reclaim and the construction of a new wharf at terminal 3. There will be new design and construction packages of work released imminently. Further details about the Project will be provided to Participants as part of the Industry Briefing.


      Sustaining Projects are those projects that require engineering maintenance or upgrades in any of our ports. TasPorts must maintain a level of service for all of its operations.

      TasPorts has in the order of 20 Sustaining Projects in implementation this Financial Year with a rolling programme of works for projects in future financial years.

      The projects are sited at Devonport, Inspection Head, Burnie, Flinders Island, King Island, Stanley and Bell Bay Ports.

      The scope of the projects include concrete remediation, conveyor structural replacements and major maintenance, pile wrapping, berthing/ mooring systems upgrades and renewals, and corrosion protection.

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