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Being part of an exciting and dynamic industry, a career with TasPorts means more than just opportunities in the marine sector.


06 October 2022



The Australian port industry is an exciting and dynamic sector, offering an extensive range of career opportunities.

This week, we joined the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone (BBAMZ) team and hosted the Renewable Energy and TCF Hospitality Careers Expo at the Tailrace Centre in Launceston.

The career expo provided those interested in a renewable energy-based and hospitality careers to actively engage with a range of activities in technologies. The intent was to immerse those interested in renewable energy-based and hospitality careers with activities and demonstrations that illustrate the scope of career options in these sectors.

Did you know?

For every ship that visits Tasmania, hundreds of people are working behind the scenes to keep the State’s ports open and operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Bell Bay, George Town and wider northern Tasmanian region has the opportunity to expand into hydrogen production, decarbonise our gas network, optimise bioenergy and potential for geothermal and offshore wind resources.

The northern Tasmanian workforce has a well-earned reputation of being highly skilled, committed and technically proficient. With a working population of almost 90,000, the precinct is serviced by a range of local and regional employees, with careers available in a range of fields. Ranging from administrators to professionals, technicians to tradespeople, labours to apprentices.

The Renewable Energy and TCF Hospitality Careers Expo provides school leavers, and those seeking a change in career, the opportunity to see if TasPorts was their next port of call.

The TasPorts’ Renewables Energy Hub initiative at the Port of Bell Bay will actively support the Tasmanian Government’s Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan and the State’s renewable energy target of 200% renewables by 2040.

TasPorts is working with government agencies and broader industry to support renewable energy opportunities, driving momentum for the Port of Bell Bay as a key Renewables Energy Hub and offering multi-user port facilities.

As a State, we started with our hydro-generated power with a series of dams built to provide Tasmania with renewable energy. Now, with Tasmania’s abundance of natural renewable energy resources puts the State in an ideal position to capitalise on the opportunity to develop a green hydrogen industry across the entire value chain. As countries seek to decarbonise their economies, renewable energy alternatives are rising to the challenge of reducing emissions and powering a greener future.

Tasmania is ideally placed to take advantage of the emerging hydrogen industry, providing economic and employment benefits particularly for regional areas. Tasmania has well-established and successful advanced manufacturing industries including in the marine, heavy vehicle and mining sectors. A domestic renewable hydrogen industry will provide an opportunity to leverage value into these sections and further support regional growth and employment.

Here at TasPorts, we currently employ 300 people across Tasmania in a wide range of jobs and careers, including:

Careers at TasPorts

We know it takes a unique set of knowledge and skills to ensure effective and efficient operations within a business.

Like all port operators, we certainly need people who are technically capable in their areas of functional expertise, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a maritime-based qualification to join the team.

Currently, we support the TasPorts Charles Black Memorial Scholarship at the Australian Maritime College and the University of Tasmania. The Scholarship provides a Tasmanian first-year undergraduate student with up to four years of financial support to pursue a career in maritime at the Australian Maritime College. Work experience with TasPorts may also be offered to the successful applicant as part of this scholarship.

This year, we also launched funding for a PhD scholarship with the Australian Maritime College, as part of National Science Week. This scholarship will provide a PhD student the opportunity to undertake research that will examine the role of Tasmanian ports in enabling and supporting the transition to a hydrogen economy.

With Tasmania set to expand into the renewable energy sector, we’re excited to be part of the journey.

Are you ready to come along with us?

Did you know?

We also invest in future generations through partnerships with industry aligned institutions to provide training opportunities and scholarships to students pursuing a career in port-related disciplines.