Lighting the way in Strahan

More than just a perfect picture opportunity, the work by TasPorts to install new LED lighting at the Strahan finger pier also has practical applications.


27 April 2023

As part of its regular program of works, TasPorts recently installed new LED lighting at the Port of Strahan.

The new light poles were manufactured by TasPorts’ Burnie team and delivered to Strahan for installation.

The finger pier where the lights were installed were selected to meet the criteria for the public access area as well as a fishing boat operational loading area, so the new lighting had to provide for both purposes.

The fittings are Dark Sky compliant and designed to reduce light pollution as well as amber in colour to reduce the impact to local wildlife.

The amber lighting also provides excellent lighting in poor weather conditions which can happen regularly on the west coast.

The light fittings were sourced from Australian company who design and manufacture in Australia.

Finger Pier Strahan
New LED lighting at Finger Pier, Strahan