TasPorts continues to support Mission to Seafarers

TasPorts has recently finalised and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Mission to Seafarer centres in Bell Bay and Burnie.


14 December 2023

The MOU formalises TasPorts’ working relationship with the Bell Bay Seafarers Mission and The Mission to Seafarers, Burnie and further strengthens operational support for the charity, recognising our mutual interest and shared commitment to provide seafarer welfare services in port areas through the shore-based seafarer welfare facility.

Additionally, this MOU establishes the support framework to assist, encourage and promote the delivery and improvement of seafarer welfare services by the Missions in conjunction with TasPorts. TasPorts supports the Mission’s goals through financial and in-kind support, as well as promotion of their services to all visiting vessels.

As operators of eleven ports across Tasmania, TasPorts plays an important role in supporting the seafarers who visit our multi-port system.

Mission to Seafarers Logo

Missions across Australia actively address the numerous challenges and hazards encountered by seafarers, providing seafarers with the opportunity to connect with their loved ones, often experiencing such connections for the first time. These centres also serve as spaces for mental and spiritual rejuvenation before embarking on the next leg of their voyage. In addition, seafarers can access crucial medical, welfare, and chaplaincy services.

The regional missions, though Mission to Seafarers Australia, collaborate with Australian Government agencies and port users, working towards enhancing the treatment of seafarers and refining shipping practices in Australian waters. Seafarers contribute significantly to sustaining almost every aspect of Australian life.

This is just one of a number of partnerships TasPorts has with organisations dedicated to Tasmania’s maritime industry. You can read more about our great work at TasPorts Community Engagement and Partnerships.

You can donate to the Mission to Seafarers online, and donations go directly towards the work of The Australian Council of the Mission to Seafarers Inc and are used to expand their reach to seafarers and provide assistance to new centres opening around the country.