Environmental approval granted for Project QuayLink

TasPorts has welcomed the decision by Tasmania’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to approve Project QuayLink’s proposed dredging and reclamation works at East Devonport.


12 May 2022

TasPorts CEO Anthony Donald said the EPA approval represented another major milestone for TasPorts and Project QuayLink.

“The securing of EPA support and approvals will enable dredging to begin at Berth 3E, on the east side of the river,” he said.

“We are currently evaluating tenders and a contractor will be appointed in the coming months.”

With new, larger vessels being commissioned to arrive by the end of 2023/24, the Port of Devonport's freight capacity is expected to increase by 40 per cent, along with an additional 160,000 passengers visiting Devonport every year.

The dredging works will see the excavation of approximately 45,000 cubic metres of material from the new berth pocket at Berth 3E.

The material will be dewatered on the adjacent land area and, if suitable, will be reused to construct the new reclamation area.

Any unused material will be redirected and utilised to support landscaping initiatives, including the construction of sound barriers at Devonport Airport.

It is expected works will commence towards the end of 2022.

QuayLink is a once in a generation, $240 million infrastructure development project.

The project provides the opportunity to make the port, smarter, faster and cleaner. It will future-proof Devonport as a major tourism and freight gateway for the next 50 years and will leave a positive legacy for East Devonport.

Mr Donald thanked the work of the Technical Advisory Consultative Committee (TACC) for its consultation and review of the proposed program and its considered input to date.

“The Committee has specifically engaged with stakeholders and reviewed proposed works for current and future dredge activities, from planning through to completion,” he said.

“As an independent advisory committee, the TACC was established as a forum for engagement, consultation and collaboration between TasPorts, peak bodies and other relevant local stakeholders on the planning, environmental monitoring, and practice standards of all future TasPorts dredging programs.

“The Committee assesses likely environmental and economic interests along with impacts of dredging works. It also tracks and monitors how reporting and regulatory requirements are carried out.”

For more information go to www.tasports.com.au/quaylink