Selfs Point fire system upgrade | Mobilisation of Works

TasPorts is investing more than $8 million to secure and support the future of southern Tasmania’s fuel supply, at the Selfs Point fuel transit facility, located on the Derwent River, approximately five kilometres north of Hobart’s city centre.


02 February 2021

As a critical link in southern Tasmania’s fuel supply chain, TasPorts is elevating the current fire system at the fuel transit facility to align with TasPorts commitment to maintaining best practice environmental standards.

TasPorts Chief Executive Officer Anthony Donald said he is proud of the company’s commitment to local procurement.

“This highly collaborative project represents a significant infrastructure investment for TasPorts and will bring the system in line with both current and future strategic and operational requirements,” he said.

“We are proud to say that 85% of the project costs will remain within Tasmania. In line with this, TasPorts has partnered with Tasmanian owned and operated Shaw Contracting to undertake this significant project.

“Shaw Contracting is an industry leader in civil infrastructure projects, with extensive construction and project management. We’re looking forward to working with the team to complete these important works.”

Shaw Chief Executive Officer Joe Luttrell said he was very excited to be working with TasPorts on the Selfs Point Fire System Upgrade.

“The project is the culmination of Shaw and TasPorts working together to provide the best value for money design solution to protect the Selfs Point asset with safety and environmental best practice at the forefront of the design,” he said.

“Shaw has utilised Tasmanian businesses to achieve this innovative solution and this project will demonstrate what Tasmanian businesses can achieve together.”

In the design of this innovative system, TasPorts would also like to recognise the collaboration and specialist services of IPD Consulting in partnership with Chubb Australia, and Clarifire. Their input has enabled TasPorts to design a system that is at the forefront of fire systems using a fluorine free foam, within Australia.

At different milestones throughout the project lifecycle, there may be some works with associated noise. TasPorts and Shaw Contracting will be undertaking engagement and consultation prior to these works.

For more information: Selfs Point Fire System Upgrade