Port of Hobart protest action

Statement from Anthony Donald CEO of TasPorts.


24 June 2022

On 23 June 2022 a Bob Brown Foundation protestor climbed onto the mooring line of the vessel Antarctic Discovery at the Port of Hobart and hung a banner on the vessel.

TasPorts condemns the actions of protesters in placing the safety of one of their own at considerable risk at one of Tasmania’s busiest ports, the Port of Hobart, a Commonwealth secure port zone.

We are dismayed the Bob Brown Foundation chose to apparently condone this incredibly risky behaviour in such a dangerous area.

Interfering with or climbing a commercial vessel’s mooring ropes is dangerous– taut mooring lines have incredible energy potential, as does the mass of a large, berthed vessel. The areas around them are managed as snap back zones and are considered extremely high risk due to the risk of significant injury.

To purposefully attach a protestor to a mooring line under pressure and then leaving the scene is both reckless and dangerous and shows extremely poor judgement by the Bob Brown Foundation.

While the incident occurred in non-restricted water, TasPorts is reviewing it to consider whether it constitutes a regulatory reportable incident.

TasPorts is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees and contractors on the waterfront. This protest action seriously compromised this.

Tasmania Police were notified and attended.