TasPorts actively managing spill incident on Flinders Island

Approximately 10,000 litres of fuel has spilled on land at the Port of Lady Barron, following an incident with fuel container.


13 April 2022

Early yesterday morning, an independently owned and operated loaded fuel trailer parked within the port precinct at Lady Barron failed, resulting in the loss of approximately 10,000 litres of diesel onto the surrounding land. No one was injured as a result of the incident.

TasPorts Chief Executive Officer Anthony Donald said a containment area was quickly established around the spill site.

“TasPorts has mobilised specialist employees to Flinders Island to lead the spill response and is continuing to actively monitor the surrounding coastal environment for any potential evidence of marine contamination,” he said.

“The current focus is on removing surplus diesel from the ground surface, whilst a detailed plan is developed for the clean-up of contaminated soil.

“As an appropriate contingency, TasPorts is deploying an oil spill on-water boom whilst teams on the ground focus on creating diversion trenches around the surrounding area to mitigate any contamination from reaching the coastline,” he said.

“TasPorts is working with relevant agencies as part of the response, including the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), as well as the owner of the fuel container in relation to the incident.”