TasPorts Community Grant Program now open

This Program allows us to give back by supporting organisations, community groups and events that benefit communities surrounding our port operations and across Tasmania.


08 August 2023

After launching our Community Grant Program in early 2022, TasPorts has awarded $200,000 in funding to 33 organisations and community groups for a wide range of events, initiatives and projects.

TasPorts encourages organisations and community groups to apply for the TasPorts Community Grant Program. The Program will consider events, initiatives and projects that directly benefit communities surrounding our port operations.

Applications for this TasPorts Community Grant Program round are open until Monday, 21 August 2023.

For more information and to apply, visit the TasPorts website.

Previous grant recipients

Not sure if your organisation or community group should apply for a grant? You can find some examples of previous recipient events, initiatives and projects below.

Narryna Heritage Museum Inc

After applying for a TasPorts Community Grant, Narryna Heritage Museum Inc received funding to publish the 1834-52 journals of Captain Andrew Haig.

Over four years, a group of dedicated volunteers and staff at Narryna Heritage Museum have been transcribing the journals, providing a valuable contribution to Tasmania’s maritime history.

The application from Narryna Heritage Museum aligned with TasPorts commitment to preserve Tasmania’s maritime history.

Tasmanian Sailing Clubs

Funding to three local yacht clubs assisted in the upgrade of safety equipment and improved the facilities of the clubs.

Sandy Bay Sailing Club had been seeking funds to replace a limited number of VHF radios, which they have now been able to do through the TasPorts Community Grant, as well as provide formal VHF marine radio training for coaches and volunteers.

Mersey Yacht Club purchased a navigation tablet and personal AIS-enabled man overboard devices that can be used by members when out on the water.

The Midway Point Yacht Club received grant funding to upgrade the club’s jetty, which is used by club members and the general public.

Tasmanian Marine Rescue Organisations

Three volunteer marine rescue organisations applied for a TasPorts Community Grant to upgrade critical safety gear. These organisations are operated solely by volunteers, with limited access to funding outside of the basic necessities.

Through the support of the TasPorts Community Grant Program, Tamar Sea Rescue were able to replace the seating on one of its larger rescue vessels. This now allows volunteers to continue to undertake longer rescue missions, reducing fatigue and injury for those on board.

Volunteer Marine Rescue Kingborough received grant funding to purchase a rescue dummy, to be used during training. This allows training to be done safely and reduces risk to volunteers.

Dodges Ferry Marine Rescue purchased new life jackets from local manufacturer Stormy. The funds also went towards upgrading the local training room, which is used for educational purposes and by the general public when completing their boat licence.