TasPorts remains a steadfast supporter of yacht racing in Tasmania

TasPorts is delighted to announce its ongoing sponsorship of the prestigious Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and the 285 nautical mile Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race.


06 December 2023

TasPorts has been a proud supporter of the Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race since it began in 2007 and the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race since 1945, then under the banner of the Marine Board of Hobart.

“We work hard to support a balance between the working port, local business operations, the Hobart community’s enjoyment of the waterfront, and hallmark events such as these yacht races. We envision a robust and vibrant future for all,” stated Anthony Donald, TasPorts CEO.

Participants in the Yacht Races will berth at Kings Pier Marina, alongside Elizabeth Street Pier and in Constitution Dock.

TasPorts play a pivotal role in supporting the race finishes at the Port of Hobart. “Our Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) plays a crucial role in managing the safe and efficient movement of vessels approaching and operating within Tasmanian ports and pilotage areas,” Mr Donald emphasised.

As the first racing yachts round Tasman Island for Hobart, VTS is immediately alerted to monitor their position and ensure safe navigation in relation to other vessel traffic. Throughout the event, VTS oversees vessel traffic, guaranteeing the safe navigation of both yachts and merchant ships.

There is close collaboration between TasPorts and race organisers on all facets of the race and landside activities. The established locations contribute to the unique identity of these gatherings and facilitate the logistical and operational requirements essential for their success.

“Our Wharf Operations and Maintenance teams prepare the site, ensuring the marina and wharf areas are in optimal working condition, with careful planning led by our Community Engagement Officer to ensure the smooth delivery of the event for participants and the public, all while maintaining the continuity of day-to-day port operations,” added Mr Donald.

TasPorts takes great pride in supporting marine activities for the community’s enjoyment while upholding the highest maritime safety standards in Tasmanian waterways.

For more information on TasPorts community engagement and major partnerships, please visit TasPorts Community Engagement.