TasPorts Selfs Point Fire System upgrade - investing in the security of Tasmania’s fuel supply

TasPorts has invested more than $8 million to secure the future of southern Tasmania’s fuel supply.


03 August 2022

TasPorts today welcomed Tasmania’s Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Michael Ferguson to the Port of Hobart, to inspect the new fire-fighting system installed at the Selfs Point Fuel Transit facility.

TasPorts CEO Anthony Donald said this collaborative project replaced the outdated fire-fighting system at the facility with a contemporary fit-for-purpose system.

‘This investment elevates the system to current best practice equipment and operational requirements, providing an operational design life of more than 25 years,’ he said.

‘Works included the removal of existing system and redundant shore-based structures followed by installation of three new fire towers (capable of spraying 7500 litres of water a minute and 150 litres per second), a three million litre water tank and a 32,000 lite fluorine free foam tank, along with construction of a new shore-based pump house and operations control room building.’

Mr Donald said the project’s success was underpinned by a dedicated team that actively collaborated with stakeholders.

‘While TasPorts was very pleased to lead this project, it could not have occurred without the involvement of many including Shaw Contracting, the Tasmanian Fire Service, Fire South, and facility operators - BP, Origin, Puma and Ampol.

‘In the design of this innovative system, TasPorts also recognises the specialist services of IPD Consulting in partnership with Chubb Australia, and Clarifire.

“Their input enabled TasPorts to design a system that is at the forefront of fire systems using a fluorine free foam, thought to be the first of its kind within Australia.”