TasPorts congratulates Orana Enterprises on the timber award

Celebrating excellence and best practice within the Tasmanian timber industry.


20 September 2023

TasPorts has congratulated this year’s winner of the Excellence in Distribution and Logistics award– Orana Enterprises as announced last Friday evening at the Tasmanian Timber Awards.

TasPorts CEO Anthony Donald said the company is a proud supporter of the Tasmanian Forest and Forest Products Network’s Tasmanian Timber Awards, with TasPorts on board as the Category Sponsor of the Excellence in Distribution and Logistics award.

“I would also like to congratulate the other finalists in the TasPorts-sponsored category, and all nominees and winners across all categories,” he said.

Mr. Donald emphasised that Tasmania's communities and economy depended significantly on shipping and port infrastructure for their sustenance.

“Tasmania’s export sector continues to be innovative and exciting, and we are proud to facilitate our exporters through our multi-port system,” he said.

“Forestry is essential to Tasmania’s economy, with 3-4 million tonnes of product transiting our multi-port network each year. To meet the long-term objectives of our customers, we continue to invest in infrastructure projects to increase capacity and storage for forestry product exports.

“We are also working on supply chain improvement solutions at key ports such as the Port of Burnie, Port of Bell Bay, and Southern Export Terminals (SET) within the Port of Hobart.

"TasPorts is dedicated to bolstering the forestry sector while enhancing both port and landside facilities to positively impact both the industry and the Tasmanian economy. Our goal is to deliver freight and logistics solutions that yield advantages for our customers, stakeholders, and the community."