TasPorts’ funding supports local yacht clubs

TasPorts is a strong supporter of local sailing – and yachting clubs – in Tasmania. Through its Community Grant Program, it has provided funding to three local yacht clubs to help upgrade safety equipment and improve facilities.


02 May 2023

Sandy Bay Sailing Club used its grant to purchase ten new VHF radios and to provide formal VHF marine radio training for coaches and volunteers.

“The budget is fairly constrained at the sailing club, so corporate sponsorship is an important source of income, particularly for project work such as the VHF initiative,” Sandy Bay Sailing Club committee member Andrew Black said.

“When the weather turns, which happens regularly on the Derwent, the VHF marine radios are critical for keeping everyone safe. As a sailing club for young people, safety is of paramount importance.”

Prior to receiving the TasPorts grant, the club was desperately seeking funds to replace a limited number of radios with basic models.

“We feel so grateful to TasPorts that we can now offer our members top-of-the-range equipment and the necessary training to use them,” Mr Black said.

Mersey Yacht Club in the state’s northwest purchased a navigation tablet and personal AIS-enabled man overboard devices that can be used by members when out on the water.

“Keeping up with new technology is difficult, so to be able to introduce members of the club to the new AIS technology is really exciting,” Mersey Yacht Club committee member Samantha McGrath said.

“We are grateful to TasPorts for supporting local water users. Without this funding purchasing the new AIS equipment would not have been possible.”

The Midway Point Yacht Club received grant funding to upgrade the club’s jetty, which is used by members and the general public.

“After having to remove the original jetty about 10-years-ago, the club began work on the new one, but due to limited funds, the jetty was built to a functional state but not fully completed,” Midway Point Yacht Club vice-commodore Michael Verrier said.

“Membership fees only cover the necessities, meaning the project kept being delayed, so when we received the news about the TasPorts’ funding, we were ecstatic.

“The jetty is a really important community asset, and to be able to complete it to a fully safe and accessible state is a great outcome to be celebrated.”